First stop will be Travertines of Pamukkale where attracting many people.(The terraces were formed by running warm spring water, at a temperature of 35 C containing calcium bicarbonate. When the water loses its carbon dioxide it leaves limestone deposits. These are of different colors and shapes in the form of terraces with pools, overhanging surfaces and fascinating stalactite formations.)

While we are visiting terrace of travertines where has landscape of Denizli Plain, the photos which are taken by us will remain as a memory. After you have an opportunity to get into Cleopatra Pool which is thought that the water treats various illnesses along with It is known as sacred in Ancient age. Next, Hierapolis AncientCity. First will be visited The Necropolis  which is the largest ancient cemetery in Anatolia with approximately 1,200 graves.

We will visit The Domitian and Byzantium Gates, Main Street and  Hierapolis theatre which is one of well protected theatre in Anatolia. After Pamukkale we will visit Karahayit, Karahayit is very famous with red water treats various illnesses which is proven by science then we will leave from Pamukkale.